Healthy People, Healthy Planet, is a celebration of the interdependence of humans and their natural surroundings through the lens of the food we eat. The phrase “healthy people, healthy earth” served as the inspiration for the project’s title. Learn how your daily dietary choices affect you and the world at large. A crystal mushroom fad seems to be taking the world by storm while concerns about climate change and human health are at the forefront of people’s minds. These seemingly innocuous mushrooms have been shown to have remarkable curative effects on individuals and the environments in which they grow. Their diverse applications range from cleaning up oil spills and treating mental illness to providing protein to offset the use of environmentally harmful materials.

Here Are The Nutritional Profiles Of Three Well-Known Varieties Of Mushrooms.

So-Called “Flesh” Mushrooms

There are increasingly more options for those who, like me, aren’t crazy about the flavor of mushrooms, whether raw in a salad or cooked in a stir fry. For example, Meat is a meat substitute cultivated in stainless steel tanks from mushrooms. Mycelium, or the “roots” of mushrooms, is the main ingredient of Meat. When I first tried Meati, I was blown away by its smoothness. Much like organ meat, it was satisfyingly chewy and substantial. A “mushroomy” flavor was present, although it was subtle enough to complement other ingredients.

Fungal Jerky

The TV show Shark Tank fans likely recall the episode in which the sharks went wild for Pan’s Mushroom Jerky. Shiitake mushrooms stand in for Meat in this vegetarian take on a popular backpacking dish. Regular viewers of the series might recall this particular episode. If you’re a show fan, you remember the episode.

Tea With Mushrooms

When I need something sweet, I often reach for this tea first thing in the evening. This product contains both the antioxidant-rich turkey tail and the antioxidant-rich reishi fungus. These factors have been linked to decreased physical manifestations of anxiety and stress. Caffeine-free, it’s an excellent choice for bedtime sipping. When you’re ready to start, do it before you sleep.


The book Healthy People, Healthy Planet is an ode to the importance of the food we eat in maintaining a healthy human population and planet. The motto “healthy people, healthy earth” inspired the project’s name. You will learn concrete ways to make an impact on a personal and global scale, beginning with the food you put on your plate and continuing beyond that. When global warming and human health are at the forefront of people’s minds, a mushroom craze seems to sweep the globe. Despite their relatively benign appearance, these microscopic mushrooms have the powerful potential to heal humans and ecosystems. They have various potential uses, from aiding in treating mental disease and cancer to cleaning up oil spills and providing an alternative to environmentally unsustainable protein sources.


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