Pressure washer equipment is a high-quality product that can make cleaning your house efficient and effective. Just like any other object in this world, there may also arise problems with your pressure washer. To help you deal with those problems, here are some problems and solutions are given below.

Nozzle Of  Pressure Washer Exerting Low Pressure

Most of the people complain about the low pressure of their pressure washer. It can be due to either they aren’t using the pressure washer properly or they got a damaged nozzle with their pressure washer. The most general reasons behind low nozzle pressure are listed below :

  1. Clogged Tip of Nozzle
  2. Obstructed Inlet Filter
  3. User making use of quick connectors such as shutoff-type
  4. Not having sufficient flow to the pump

If you figure out that your nozzle is clogged, you need to take immediate action by cleaning your nozzle. Failure to do so can also result in damaging your pump or pressure washer.

To clean your nozzles, you should discuss the gun from your spray wand. Then, you have to clean the nozzle with the help of a small wire. You have to flush the nozzle in a backward direction through the water. Lastly, you have to restart the pressure washer while depressing the trigger on your spray gun.

Surging Operations In  Pressure Washer

Pressure surges are another most common complaint about pressure washers. It happens in a way that the pressure is ideal for a moment and then it falls off. The possible solution to these problems are :

  1. You should make sure that the water supply is not restricted in your pressure washer.
  2. You should make sure that the water has a sufficient flow rate to start pressure washing.
  3. Lastly, you should make sure that there are no leakages in the supply fittings. If there exists any leakage, it can also lead to poor operation of your pressure washer.

Improper Working Of Soap Injector In Pressure Washer

Another most common problem arises when the soap injector of your pressure washer is not working properly. This kind of problem is very easy to solve. You just have to follow the steps listed below:

  1. You should have interchangeable tips and then make sure that you have a black soap tip installed. Soap injectors usually don’t work when you have installed high-pressure tips.
  2. The soap injector valve should be turned on to the desired setting.
  3. Clean the injector to make sure that there are no large particles that are stopping it to function properly.
  4. In the case of the adjustable nozzle, make sure that you have kept it on low pressure.

Important Note

The above-described problems are some of the most faced problems by users. If you are facing problems other than those listed above, you can also check the user manual. You can also contact through the website so that experts will guide you about the solution.


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