When you care for anything you buy, it has the ability to last longer than its expected lifespan. The same case happens with your pressure washers. If you maintain your pressure washer regularly, it can not only last longer but also it will produce amazing results when used. If you have bought a good quality pressure washer at a good price and you don’t know how to maintain it, this blog will help you out. Read on to know about the storage, precautions, and care process of your pressure washer.

Storage Of  Pressure Washers

To store your  pressure washer after being used, you can follow the instructions listed below:

  1. First of all, you should turn off the power switch of your pressure washer.
  2. You have to relieve the pressure on the line of your pressure washer with the help of pulling the trigger gun.
  3. The next step is to shut off the water source supply and then disconnect the hose.
  4. Make sure that there is no water or oil leakage in the hose or machinery so that you operate it properly for next time.

Precautions To Prevent Damage On Pressure Washers

The process to prevent excessive damage and wear to your pressure washer plays an important role in its maintenance.

  1. You should make sure that during the pressure washing process, no vehicle passes over the garden hose of your pressure washer.
  2. You should not pull the hose to move the pressure washer as it can damage the hose.
  3. You should avoid forcing your pressure washer around a tight corner or small loop.
  4. You should perform an inspection of the inlet water filter to ensure cleanliness. If it gets dirty, you should wash it. If your inlet filter gets damaged, make sure to repair it before storage so that it works properly in the next operation.
  5. Make sure that you lift the with an appropriate pressure washer handle.
  6. You should properly wrap up the hose of your pressure washer once you are done using it.

Important Care Tips For  Pressure Washers

Taking care of your pressure washer may seem a very daunting task. However, this guide has made it easy for you by listing down the care procedures. Experts suggest the tips listed below to maintain your pressure washer properly.

  1. You should read the user manual to make sure that you are performing the operations appropriately without causing any damage.
  2. You should change the oiling pump of your pressure washer once in a period of three months or after 50 working hours.
  3. You should avoid using your pressure washer during the freezing condition as it can freeze the pump. You can also take important measures to avoid freezing the pump.


The conclusion comes to the point that no matter how good quality your pressure washer is, you always need to take care of it. If you don’t take care of your things, it can reduce their lifespan. To help you get the best cleaning results through a pressure washer, you can see the expert’s advice above. Follow the tips and make your pressure washer last longer.


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